XXI: Childbirth

To those who may be receiving one of these post-notifications for the first time: This is not a blog; it’s actually part of a book, and will make little sense to you without knowledge of what has come before—which you can easily obtain, along with a goodly amount of satirical theatre as matters progress, by simply entering ttgftyri.org into your web browser, opening the menu, and starting at page one. J.J.

Scene 6

And afterward, Gaim finds himself approaching the temple of Our Lady of Childbirth—which was usually entered only by women, he’s informed by a helpful passerby.

For there, the latter explains, Our Lady accepted the prayers and offerings of expectant mothers hoping for an easy delivery and subsequently directed her priestesses to assist them during that glorious, if sometimes difficult moment.

As represented below, then.


  • Acna: Mayan deity of childbirth and motherhood
  • Akna: Inuit deity of childbirth
  • Alemona: ancient Roman deity who protected fetuses
  • Ajysyt: Yakut Siberian deity who oversees the expectant mother’s lying-in, installs the soul in the child, and records the birth in a Golden Book
1. Ajysyt
  • Akhushtal: Mayan childbirth-deity
  • Anapel: Koryak Siberian grandmotherly deity who presides over birth and reincarnation
  • Antevorta: ancient Roman deity of childbirth, invoked by pregnant women to protect them and their coming child from the dangers of giving birth
  • Aveta: Celtic deity of childbirth and midwifery in ancient France
  • Carmenta: ancient Roman deity of childbirth and midwifery
2. Carmenta
  • Chakwaina Okya: Zuni deity of childbirth
  • Chiuacoztl: Nahuatl Mexican deity of childbirth
  • Decima: ancient Roman deity who watched over pregnancies
  • Deverra: ancient Roman protectress of the newborn
  • Edusa: ancient Roman deity of weaning infants
  • Egeria: ancient Roman deity of childbirth and midwifery
  • Eileithyia: ancient Greek deity who came to the assistance of women in labor, although to offend or especially anger her was to risk having her protract the labor and ultimately delay the new birth
3. Eileithyia
  • Epet: ancient Egyptian deity of childbirth and children
  • Ermutu: ancient Egyptian deity of childbirth and midwifery
  • Ethausva: Etruscan deity of childbirth and midwifery
  • Heket: ancient Egyptian deity of midwifery
  • Hemsut: ancient Egyptian newborn babies
  • Hesat: ancient Egyptian pregnant and nursing mothers; depicted as a cow
  • Is’ara: Mesopotamian deity of childbirth
  • Isara: Semitic deity of childbirth
  • Kaltesh: Ugric Siberian deity of childbirth
  • Kapo: Hawaiian deity of childbirth, midwifery, and abortions
  • Kuan Yin: Taoist Chinese deity of childbirth
4. Kuan Yin
  • Laima: Latvian guardian of women giving birth and their emerging infant
  • Luaths Lurgann: ancient Irish deity of midwifery
  • Madder-Akka: Finnish deity of childbirth
  • Mang Chin i: Chinese deity of the womb
  • Meskhoni: ancient Egyptian deity of childbirth and midwifery
  • Nascio: ancient Roman deity who presided over childbirth
  • Nirmali: Kafir Afghanistan childbirth deity
  • Numeria: ancient Roman childbirthmdeity
  • Partula: ancient Roman parturition deity
  • Pi Hsia Yuan Chin: Chinese childbirth deity
  • Pienenkir: Elamite deity of motherhood and nurturing
  • Postvorta: ancient Roman deity of childbirth and midwifery
  • Pukkeenegak: Inuit deity of childbirth and the making of children’s clothing
5. Pukkeenegak
  • Rumina: ancient Roman protectress of all breastfeeding mothers, human and animal alike, along with their suckling infants
  • Shashti: Hindu childbirth deity
  • Teteoinnan-Toci: Aztec deity of midwifery
  • Thakur Deo: Etruscan deity of childbirth
  • Thalna: Etruscan deity of childbirth
  • Thoeris: ancient Egyptian protectress of women in childbirth
  • Tzu Sun Niang Niang: Chinese deity of childbirth
  • Uks Akka: Swedish deity of midwives and protectress of newborn babies
6. Uks Akka
  • Umaj: Yakut Siberian deity of childbirth and midwives
  • Zarpandit: Babylonian childbirth deity
  • Zemyna: Lithuanian childbirth deity


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