XXII: Hygiene and healing

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Scene 7

And just down the street, Our Lady of Hygiene promotes personal cleanliness and otherwise shows people how they might maintain good health.

While right next door, Our Lady of Health and Healing receives those who nonetheless become ill, and administers various herbs and potions.

Most female deities have come to include healing among their divine responsibilities, while others are associated solely with specific diseases and discomfits.

Unfortunately, one rarely finds them represented in art, ancient or modern; hence the dearth of photos in the list below—even after removing several names in an effort to restore a sense of balance.


  • Abowie: Ghana healing deity
  • Aceso: ancient Greek healing deity specializing in wounds
  • Aegle: ancient Greek deity of radiant good health
  • Agamede: ancient Greek healing deity
  • Agischanak: Tlingit deity herself so heathy and strong that she supports the pillars on which the earth ultimately rests
1. Agischanak
  • Ai Tupua’i: Polynesian healing deity
  • Airmid: Irish healing deity
  • Aja: Yoruban healing deity
  • Ajysyt: Yakut Siberian healing deity
  • Alcis: ancient Greek deity of physical prowess
  • Anahit: Armenian healing deity
  • Anceta: ancient Roman healing deity
  • Antia: Hindu healing-deity specializing in whooping cough
  • Almoshi: Slavic healing deity
  • Angina: Indian healing deity
  • Angitina: ancient Roman healing deity specializing in sore throats
  • Argante: ancient British healing deity
2. Argante
  • Aurita: ancient Roman healing deity; specialitied in earaches
  • Baba: Sumerian healing deity
  • Bechoil: ancient Irish deity of melancholia
  • Bibi: Gypsy healing-deity specializing in cholera
  • Bisam: Hindu Indian deity of health
  • Bormonia: ancient Roman healing deity
  • Brighid: Celtic healing deity specializing in sore eyes
  • Bumerali: aboriginal Australian deity of physical prowess
  • Cardea: ancient Roman health deity
3. Cardea
  • Carnea: ancient Roman deity who presided over the human organs
  • Chowa: Indian health deity
  • Coventina: Celtic healing deity
  • Dazimus: Sumerian healing deity
  • Dharni Pinnu: Hindu deity of health
  • Dil Ki Baat: Hindu deity of physical prowess
  • Dornoll: ancient Irish deity of physical prowess
  • Dziwozona: ancient Polish healing deities
  • Eastre: ancient German healing deity
  • Elasii: ancient Greek healing deity specializing in epilepsy
  • Epet: ancient Egyptian healing deity
  • Epione: ancient Greek healing deity specializing in the soothing of pain
  • Febris: ancient Roman deity who protected people from fever and malaria
4. Febris
  • Fulla: ancient German healing deity
  • Ge Gu: Chinese deity of healing and medicine
  • Gebjon: Norse healing deity
  • Grid: Norse deity of physical prowess
  • Gula: Babylonian healing deity
  • Habetrot: Celtic healing deity
  • Hala: Kassite healing deity
  • Haltia: Finnish healing deity
  • Hexe: ancient Germanic healing deity
  • Hygieia: ancient Greek deity of personal cleanliness and good health
5. Hygieia
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
  • Ianuaria: Celtic healing deity
  • Janguli: Buddhist healing deity
  • Juras Mate: Latvian healing deity
  • Juterna: ancient Roman healing deity
  • Kamrusepa: Hittite healing deity
  • Kattakju: Innuit healing deity
  • Kodamata: Hindu healing deity
  • Kongsim: Korean healing deity
  • Lahe: Basque health deity
  • Levarcham: ancient Irish deity of physical prowess
  • Lympha: ancient Roman healing deity
  • Mahalbiya Hausa: African healing deity specializing in fevers and ulcers
  • Meditirina: ancient Roman healing deity
6. Meditirina
  • Mella: Zimbabwe healing deity
  • Meme: Zaire healing deity
  • Menrva: Etruscan health deity
  • Mephitis: ancient Roman healing deity
  • Mirahuato: Peruvian health
  • Miritatsiec: Crow healing deity
  • Mokosh: Slavic healing deity
  • Mulhalmoni: Korean healing deity specializing in eye diseases
  • Nin Ezan: Sumerian healing deity
  • Ninkarrak: Babylonian healing deity
  • Nintinugga: Mesopotamian healing deity
  • Nirriti: Hindu healing deity
7. Nirriti
  • Nunda Igehi: Cherokee healing deity
  • Pajau Yan: Cambodian healing deity
  • Pali Kongju: Korean healing deity
  • Panacea: ancient Greek healing deity
  • Paraskeva: Russian healing deity
  • Pharmacides: ancient Greek deity of healing and medicinal drugs
  • Philyra: ancient Greek healing deity
  • Pinga: Inuit healing deity
  • Po Yan Dari: Cambodian healing deity specializing in childhood fevers
  • Prabha: Hindu health deity
  • Rachmay: Canaanite deity of healing and nursing
  • Salus: ancient Roman deity of good health
8. Salus
  • Sauska: Hittite healing deity
  • Sekhmet: ancient Egyptian healing deity
  • Sequana: Celtic healing deity
  • Serket: ancient Egyptian healing deity specializing in stings and bites
  • Sindgund: ancient German healing deity
  • Sinnilktok: Inuit healing deity
  • Sirona: Celtic healing deity associated with thermal springs
  • Sitana: Hindu healing deity
  • Strenua: ancient Roman deity who gave energy to the weak and tired
9. Strenua
  • Sulis: Celtic healing deity
  • Tan ma: Tibetan deity of healing and medicine
  • Thermaia: ancient Roman healing deity of thermal springs
  • Tlitcaplitana: Bella Coola healing deity
  • Toci: Aztec deity of healing baths
  • Utlunta: Cherokee deity of physical prowess
  • Uttara Palguni: Hindu healing deity
  • Widapokwi: Yavapai health deity
  • Wilden Wip: Germanic healing deity
  • Yanguang Pusa: Chinese healing deity specializing in eyes
  • Zarya: Slavic healing deity
  • Zywie: Polish deity of health and healing


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