XXIII: Learning, reasoning, and wisdom

To those who may be receiving one of these post-notifications for the first time: This is not a blog; it’s actually part of a book, and will make little sense to you without knowledge of what has come before—which you can easily obtain, along with a goodly amount of satirical theatre as matters progress, by simply entering ttgftyri.org into your web browser, opening the menu, and starting at page one. J.J.

Scene 8

And then across the way, Our Lady of Learning not only pursues mathematics and seeks to map the known world to scale, but explores cadavers to gain a clearer understanding of how to treat pain and wounds, studies plants and animals collected from all over, and even presumes to compile a history of the world working from the leading theories of the day—if often generating bitter theological arguments in the process.

Almost from the beginning, people have considered intelligence and wisdom to be among the Great Mother’s more important personal qualities, ultimately leading them to behold her in many teaching aspects, as indicated by the various Ladies below.


  • Acchupta: Jain Indian deity of learning
  • Aebhel aka Aeval: ancient Irish wisdom deity
  • Aittsamka: Bella Coola deity of teaching
  • Alaghom Naom: Mayan deity of consciousness, intellect, wisdom, and education; traditionally credited by the Mayans with giving them their ability to think, reason, and even create a calendar for marking time.
1. Alaghom Naom
  • Anaulikutsaix: Polynesian deity of wisdom
  • Arthapratisamvit: Buddhist deity of logical analysis
  • Ashi: Hind deity of wisdom
  • Athena: ancient Greek deity of intellect, reason, science, and wisdom
2. Athena
  • Brighid: Celtic deity of education
  • Cakresvari: Jain Indian deity of learning
  • Cebhfhionn: ancient Irish deity of inspiration who was said to endlessly fill her vessel from the well of knowledge
  • Ceridwen: ancient Welsh deity of inspiration and education who was said to prepare the cauldron of knowledge
  • Chokmah: ancient Spanish deity of wisdom
  • Clio: ancient Greek/Roman deity of history
3. Clio
  • Daena: Persian deity of insight
  • Dakini Guru: Tibetan deity of teaching
  • Dashizhi: Chinese deity of knowledge
  • Dil Ki Baat: Indian deity of wisdom
  • Eir: Scandanavian teaching deity
  • Ekineba: African deity of teaching
  • Emer: Celtic deity of wisdom
  • Gandhari: Jain deity of learning
  • Hano: Bella Coola teaching deity
  • Ihi: Tahitan deity of learning and wisdom
  • Khadoma: Tibetan deity of knowledge
  • Kulisankusa: Jain Indian deity of learning
  • Mahakali: Jain Indian deity of learning
  • Mahamanasika: Jain Indian deity of learning; name means ‘great-minded’
  • Manavi: Jain Indian deity of learning
  • Manisha: Indian deity of mind and intelligence
4. Manisha
  • Medeha: Mahayana Buddhist deity of wisdom
  • Metis: ancient Greek deity of wisdom
  • Minona: Fon African teaching deity
  • N ssaba: Mesopotamian deity of wisdom
  • Nin: Babylonian wisdom deity
  • Polyboulus: ancient Greek deity of wisdom
  • Prajnapti: Jain Indian deity whose name means ‘teaching’
  • Rohini: Jain Indian deity of learning
  • Seshat: ancient Egyptian deity of mathematics, measuring, and architecture
  • Silewe Nazarata: Indonesian deity of understanding and wisdom
  • Sophia: ancient Roman deity of wisdom
5. Sophia
Library of Celsus, Ephesus
  • Snotra: Norse deity of knowledge and wisdom
  • Tahuti: ancient Egyptian knowledge and education
  • Te mehara: Polynesian deity of learning
  • Thmei: ancient Egyptian deity of truth
  • Tie: ancient Egyptian deity of intelligence and wisdom
  • Yang Chen: Buddhist teaching and learning


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