XXV: Justice

To those who may be receiving one of these post-notifications for the first time: This is not a blog; it’s actually part of a book, and will make little sense to you without knowledge of what has come before—which you can easily obtain, along with a goodly amount of satirical theatre as matters progress, by simply entering ttgftyri.org into your web browser, opening the menu, and starting at page one. J.J.

Scene 11

Beyond which, Our Lady of Justice—impartially blindfolded, and bearing a scale with which to weigh all the evidence in whatever critical dispute—stands ready to settle whatever she can.

Justice too has traditionally been seen as an important domain of the Great Mother—as may still be observed by her Figure atop courthouses all over Europe and the Americas, along with much of Asia, Africa, and the Pacific Islands.


  • Adikia: ancient Greek deity of injustice, sometimes depicted being strangled by the deity of justice
  • Akonadi: Ghana deity of justice; special guardian of women
1. Akonadi
  • Ala: Nigerian deity of justice
  • Alecto of Eumenides: an ancient Greek deity of justice
  • Amn: ancient Egyptian deity of justice
  • Amelenwa: Ghana deity of justice; described as merciless and unforgiving
  • Ani: an African deity of justice
  • Aso: Ethiopian deity of justice
  • Astraea: ancient Greek deity of justice
2. Astraea
  • Augralids: ancient Greek deities of justice
  • Azele Yaba: African deity of justice
  • Belit Seri: Babylonian deity of justice who keeps a record of all human activities
  • Chang Yong: Chinese justice deity
  • Concordia: ancient Roman deity of justice
  • Diablesse: Haitian deity of justice
  • Dike: ancient Greek deity of justice
  • Erzuli: Haitian deity of justice
  • Imo: African justice deity
  • Ini: ancient Egyptian justice deity
  • Kadi: Assyrian justice deity
  • Maat: ancient Egyptian justice deity
3. Maat
British Museum, London
  • Marcia Proba: Celtic justice deity
  • Mati syra zemlya: Slavic justice deity
  • Meng Po: Chinese justice deity
  • Mirume: Japanese justice deity
  • Nakiwulo: African justice deity
  • Nechmetawaj: ancient Egyptian justice deity
  • Nemesis: ancient Greek/Roman justice deity
4. Nemesis
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
  • Nyamwezi: African justice deity
  • Nzambi: African justice deity
  • Pang Che: Chinese justice deity
  • Perit: Illyrian justice deity
  • Shait: ancient Egyptian justice deity
  • Si: Slavic justice deity
  • Syn: Norse justice deity
  • Tang: Chinese justice deity
  • Tenga: African justice deity
  • Themis: ancient Greek/Roman justice deity; her blindfolded image bearing scales with which to weigh all the evidence in a case started an artistic convention that’s still followed today throughout much of the Indo-European world
5. Themis
  • Tou Mou: Chinese justice deity
  • Tsi: Siberian justice deity

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