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Scene 12

And if she can’t—well, Our Lady of War now seeks to turn woman’s well known ferocity in defense of her young into a full-blown military science.

Whoever might still think that women and military affairs don’t mix should consider the reputation of these Ladies down the Ages—at least a few of whom were real, heroic people who were either deified after seemingly proving unconquerable or elevated to divine status following their own ultimate sacrifice in combat and subsequently going on to become role models for the next generation of females.


  • Aasith: ancient Egyptian/Syrian deity of war and the desert hunt
  • Accla: Incan deities of war
  • Agasya: Semitic war deity
  • Ai Tupua’i: Polynesian war deity
  • Aife: ancient Irish/Scot war deity who was held to command a legion of fierce horsewomen and run a school for female warriors
1. Aife
  • Aine: ancient Irish war deity
  • Akewa: Toba war deity
  • Akusaa: early Egyptian war deity
  • Akycha: Inuit Alaskan war deity
  • Alala: ancient Roman deity of the war cry
  • Alaisiagae: a pair of Celtic and Germanic deities representing victory
  • Anahit: early Armenian war deity
  • Anat: Mesopotamian/ancient Greek war deity
2. Anat
  • Andrasta: ancient Celtic/Roman war deity to whom the British warrior queen Boudicca is reported to have nonetheless prayed and offered various sacrifices before her many battles against the hated, occupying Romans
3. Andrasta
  • Astarte: Lebanese war deity
4. Astarte
  • Athena: ancient Greek deity of strategic warfare
  • Aurora: ancient Roman deity of warriors
  • Aya: Mesopotamian war deity
  • Badb: Celtic/ancient Irish war deity
  • Ban Naomha: ancient Irish war deity
  • Banbha: Celtic war deity
  • Bariba: Celtic war deity
  • Bast: ancient Egyptian war deity and ultimate protector of the pharaoh; depicted as a fierce cat
5. Bast
Egyptian Museum, Cairo
  • Beiwe: Saami Finnland war deity
  • Bellona: ancient Roman war deity whose priests performed frenzied dances and in the end gashed themselves and left their blood on her altar as a sacrifice to her before battle
6. Bellona
  • Bendis: Thracian war deity
  • Bodua: Celtic war deity
  • Bomong: Minyong war deity
  • Cathubodua: Pan-Celtic war deity7
  • Durga: Hindu warrior deity
7. Durga
British Museum, London
  • Enyo: ancient Greek war deity who delighted in bloodshed and the destruction of whole communities
  • Eris: ancient Greek deity of strife
  • Hecaerge: ancient Greek deity of archery
  • Ilankaka: Zaire war deity
  • Innana: Sumerian war deity
  • Ishtar: Babylonian war deity
  • Istar: Akkadian war deity
  • Junda: Lithuanian war-deity
  • Korravai: Dravidian Indian war deity
8. Korravai
  • Kottavei: Indian war deity
  • Kratesis: ancient Greek victory deity
  • Ilankaka: Zaire war deity
  • Lot: ancient Irish war deity
  • Luaths Lurgann: Celtic warrior deity
  • Macha: Celtic/ancient Irish warrior deity
  • Madb: Celtic war deity
  • Mahaskti: Indian war deity
  • Marcia Proba: ancient British deity of warriors
  • Marishi Ten: Japanese war deity
9. Marishi Ten
  • Medb: Celtic war-deity
  • Menchit: ancient Egyptian war deity
  • Morrigan: three early Irish deities of war
  • Nanaja: Mesopotamian war deity
  • Neith: ancient Egyptian war deity
10. Neith
Louvre, Paris
  • Nemain: Celtic war deity
  • Nephthys: ancient Egyptian war deity
  • Nike: ancient Greek/Roman deity of victory
  • Olwen: ancient Welsh war deity
  • Oya: West Indian war deity
  • Pakhet: ancient Egyptian war deity
  • Qamaits: Bella Coola war deity
  • Sakhemet: ancient Upper Egyptian war deity whose breath created the desert
  • Sala: Mesopotamian war deity
  • Sauska: Hittite war deity
11: Sauska
  • Sekhmet: ancient Egyptian war deity
  • Shapash: Ugarit war deity
  • Shapshu: Canaanite war-deity
  • Sulmanitu: Semitic war deity
  • Walo: aboriginal Australian war deity
  • Wardi Mumi: Ugric Finnish war deity
  • Xatel Ekwa: Hungarian war deity
  • Xoli Kaltes: Hungarian deity of warriors


On the other hand, some peoples have dared to hope for an intervention by Our Lady of Peace at such times.

  • Concordia: ancient Roman deity of hamony, justice, and peace
  • Djigonasee: Huron deity of justice, fairness, and peace
  • Ececheira: ancient Greek deity of armistice and peace
  • Eirene: ancient Greek deity of peace
12. Eirene
  • Eleos: ancient Greek deity of peace
  • Genetaska: Huron deity of justice, fairness, and peace
  • Lomo: Central African deity of peace
  • Matronae: three Celtic mother-deities who desire peace and tranquillity for their children
  • Pacis: ancient Roman peace deity and the altar that was specially dedicated to her
  • Whope: Lakota peace deity who gave the Siouxan people the peace pipe

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